Appledore sustainable fish

Silver Darlings 

Our Silver Darlings menu this autumn promoted Clovelly Herrings and locally caught mullet. All sustainable and caught using responsible methods!

Lunch Main course- Herring and Apple bake with sugar snap peas
Rice and Nardya's Fish Curry made with mullet caught in Bideford Bay.

Fish Tea-Mackerel and Apple pate, Pickled Herrings in red wine vinegar, Soused Herring in cider: all served with crusty bread or biscuits.

Many people came from Bideford as well as Appledore. Thanks to Antonia, Purdy and Chloe who were brilliant helpers & also to Jill Rousseau for the fantastic fish pottery display!

Shark tales  

Thursday 18 - Monday 22 August 2016

Over 20 years ago a post card of fishing boats on Appledore Quay said “Appledore is still very much a working port thanks to the shipbuilders and fishermen.” Our project is about the Appledore’s fishing heritage- past, present and future, conservation and healthy sustainable fish.

SHARK TALES will promote the conservation of sharks that swim off the North Devon coast. These are related to Rays and Dogfish called elasmobranch.

Working with the Shark Trust and various local groups including the churches and Appledore Carnival, we aimed to to have fun and educate families, local people and visitors during August.

Plans included:

* Mermaids Purse/Skate Egg Hunt Competition

* Flotsam/Beach plastics craft workshop,  

* Appledore Shark Angling Club Talk and Shark Trust Talk 

* Shark craft Carnival workshop. 

* Cookery Demonstration showcasing dishes for sustainable skate, rock salmon and local scallops. 

Lunches and refreshments were provided, children at Appledore School summer club were included in the craft workshops.

We hoped that over 300 people would attend the mostly free events and we could promote both the work of the Shark Trust and the Sea Changers Charities.

Mervyn Barker, former Catering Tutor, North Devon College demonstrating fish curry 
made from sustainable Starry Spurdag-Huss.
The herring are the first 
Silver Darlings caught in Clovelly- end of October

Appledore Sustainable Fish held its Annual General Meeting on Monday 21 November in Appledore Social Club. We looked at the future of local fishing and food. The meeting was followed by drinks in the Club’s small bar and Gail’s delicious salt cod fish cakes. 

Busy family workshop, 21/8/16 Appledore